Helping your messages cross language and cultural borders
We know the importance of being able to convey a message accurately and appropriately. And we know this is not always easy when working on rights, development and humanitarian issues, with organizations constantly crossing language and cultural borders. That’s why we have a team of experts who can help you.
Our team of editors and translators are not only highly qualified professionals in said fields but are also specialized in human rights, development, sexual and reproductive health and other relevant social science issues. They are native speakers of the target language and have formal qualifications and training in the field of translation. They have the experience and the know-how. We offer all language combinations for translation projects and English-Spanish language combination for interpretation services. As a social enterprise, we are committed to offering you the most competitive rates possible.
We also offer bespoken transcription-translation services. We transcribe focus group discussions, meetings minutes, key informants interviews, etc.


Your online platforms, the face of your organization to the world
We live in a changing, interconnected world where information is at your fingertips. But in a world of social networks, search engines and online platforms, it becomes increasingly important for your information to stand out. Whether you are marking a commemoration day, starting a new awareness-raising campaign or creating a new platform to attract your target beneficiaries, we can help you to develop strong and attention-worthy e-content –written and visual
We prepare persuasive high-quality content to feed your websites, social networks, eLearning courses, client decision aids, mobile, donation platforms, m-health applications and more. We also make sure your content is well positioned in search engines so you know it is getting the attention it deserves.


Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day…
Daily life in a small organization is hectic. We get it. Being small doesn’t mean you don’t have big dreams, and passionate, hard-working staff dedicated to making them a reality. But oftentimes, there aren’t enough hours in a day and you could really use a helping hand. We have been there. And we are here to help.
Small organizations often struggle to write an effective proposal on tight deadlines. Our team facilitates the process for organizations to create a framework for success. We have years of experience putting into practice principles of good and persuasive writing and developing theories of change and logic frameworks. We can help you create an Executive Summary containing key messages, make a good use of visual aids, follow donor guidelines and more.