We help organisations to build their skills on financial sustainability and generating new sources of income. We offer training, workshops and capacity building sessions aimed at strengthening data management, monitoring and evaluation systems, and other internal organisational processes in order to improve their services and operations, as well as their capabilities to access grants and funds.


We have assisted several organisations to develop successful full proposals to access funding from different donors, including the European Union, United Nations, national agencies, foundations and private donors. Our services includes the development of concept notes, detailed budgets, theories of change and logical frameworks, and the overall elaboration and submission of full proposals.


We offer support to our client organizations and initiatives on how to make the best use of new technological opportunities for resource mobilization, in particular, crowdfunding platforms. We provide technical assistance and guidance on how to prepare, launch and manage crowdfunding campaigns that focus on funding social causes and improving the financial sustainability of civil society organizations and initiatives. Our services include:

Support in developing strategies for a successful campaign
Support in developing the most attractive content for a campaign
Technical assistance in managing online crowdfunding websites
Support for managing social networks and other online tools to make your campaign as successful as possible
Advice and guidelines on how to best structure your campaign
Technical assistance to train your staff so they can manage future campaigns on their own
Support on developing institutional tools that will allow you to launch and manage future campaigns on your own